Natural gas sewage metering device

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Measurement of gas water gas production process in the chamber of a difficulty, the reason is:

1.Natural gas wells and lose more impurities in gas pipeline, the direct use of measurement, metering will pollution and make the failure;

2.Some dissolved air drop out after the gas water rhythm of gas field water, interfere meter the inaccurate measurement;

3.Containing corrosive substances of gas field water, of the meter is damaged;

4.Fine flow is lower than beyond measure meter range.

To solve the above problem, our company developed the gas sewage metering device, through experiment,achieved satisfactory results, the device is connected to the drain valve on a water outlet, gas field water after the trap, impurities in water are separated by clear. Eliminate impurity contamination connected after the trap is tankrelease special, gas field water into the tank, the pressure drop due to the expansion of the release of dissolved gas and is discharged, when water is discharged and after the meter measuring, enter the sewage tank. The meteradopts full stainless steel material, can resist corrosion.

Performance characteristics:

1, strong anti-interference ability;

2, strong corrosion resistance, to adapt to the various components of the water metering;

3, accurate measurement, the error < 5%;

4, simple operation, easy maintenance.


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